Femme Fatale 

Lips of red and nails of blood

Those long eyelashes beckon you
While her pout lures you in 
Nearer and nearer you will fall
Hypnotized by those eyes
Shimmering sparkles accentuate her curves
Charming you into her world 
They say she is a man eater 
She is a lust vixen, disguised as an angel
To some she is femme fatale 
By others she is Aisha Kandisha

Stripped Bare

All we have is our inner emotions
The flesh they tear
fall away in slow motion

Leaving deep inner lessons 
Oozing & weeping openness
Lingering, with no adhesion 
Feeling lonely and brokenness 

Finally time heals
Emotions fade away 
Being able to deal
Scars fall away

Fall of life 

Full of vibrancy🍁🍁

They fall from life

tumbling and twirling down 

To the final resting place 

Gusts of wind push 🍃🍃🍃

Blowing,shifting and twisting

Turbulant screens of color 

Alive  for one more time 

Raked and pushed🍂🍂🍂

To piles they shall stay

Jumping, screaming, and throwing 

Joys of children play