Awaiting in the shadows
She peers over the ebony air
Before the filtered light breaks
Feeling the cool smooth leather
Against her ivory naked skin
As chills Apex her spine
Tis the place she still felt him the most
His raw organic feelings towards her
The tough but gentle way he fondled her emotions.
And the way he took her like no other
Even though his sun has set
He will always be the owner of her heart, body and soul
He was her alpha and she the beta



A feeling? A place? Inanimate object?


The encyclopedia description says, ” It is a state of being happy” or ” an emotional feeling of euphoria”

So happiness may differ from person to person. My interpretation of happiness may and will be different from everyone else’s.

Happiness for me is many thing wrapped up into one. The ability to be home with my loved one’s  or being my 95 lb German Shepherd Mack’s pillow. Happiness also for me is having my hand in the earths soil bringing new things to life. Such as vegetables and flowers.

Please do not  ever let the little problems in your life spoil your happiness.


What is your happiness??