The 3 day quote challenge

Today I was nominated by one of my dearest friends and spirit sister Raquel @Raqyz. Thank you for the nomination Raqy, you have to much faith in me girl. But I will accept the challenge.

There is not enough love, compassion and kindness in this world lately. So this one quote I chose resonates  the concept of love……


I nominate Natalie Swift @thedarkesttunnel for the 3 day ultimate challenge. I do not know her personally, but I have been reading her posts for a while now.

Love and Light



My Little Girl

As I sit and stare
At all that beautiful long hair
Where has the time gone
It doesn’t seem that long

When you were in my arms
Looking in all wonderment and so aware
My beautiful little girl
With the long hair

Now you are grown
Soon leaving my home
In the big world you go
Please take it slow

Remember our time, remember me
All the love in my eyes for you
You will always be my little girls

With all the long hair

Creative One

She believed in unicorns and fairy tales, and drew rainbows and puppy dogs

She was daddy’s Ray of sunshine and Mamma’s heart

Her best friend’s were imaginary, they danced and sang together all the time

At night,she would dream of prince’s and princesses too, fighting off fire breathing dragons in there tutu’s

Still to this day she believes in make believe

Eclecctic Soul.

A free spirit…. A wandering nomad… An eclectic soul… A bohemian enchantress

Her heart beats to a different drummer, her heart is pure, her imagination is wild, her love is solid. She always gives 120% to those whom she loves and wishes it in return
She kisses the trees, talks to the butterflies , howls at the moon. She grows her own food and loves her world she has created.
A free thinker.. a flower child…. A new age hippie…. A rebel

Hippie Chick

For she is made of this Earth
Organically grown and pure of heart
Rocks fortify the feet on which she stands
And trees flourish as her mind expands
Mist fills every part of her cavernous soul
With her every breath the breeze will blow
Rain falls periodcally shedding her many emotions
And the sky fuels her ever changing imagination
She is one with nature, the true hippie goddess

Love In Waves

So many words to say

But feelings get in the way
Thoughts of you collide
Taking me on a rollercoaster ride
Happiness and sadness comes hand in hand
Our love suppositly written in the sand
But as we know prints will wash away
As the tides roll in each day
As I write this to you
Termoil seems to brew
Choaotic emotions start to twirl
Like hurricane force winds swirl
Throwing the unsaid words about
Making it very hard to work this out
These storms will come and go
Always bringing back the sun tomorrow