Nuptial Extravaganza

It was her day, she was the feature presentation this evening. Players were all ready for a performance of a life time. An after party full of glitz and glam was planned . Her trousseau was all packed next to the door. Awaiting for the finale, a fairy tale ending for two.

This is me

Calm strong belief in one’s self

Unwavering temption
Respect for the body
Knowing thy own heart
Honesty, sincerity, and truth
Is it snobbery?
Is it being stuck up?
To me it is being real
Being strong minded
Living how I want to live
Treating everyone the way
I want to be treated
Being open and honest
In the end If am all I that I have
Then I am fine with that
The friends in which I have
I shall be grateful
The family which I have shall humble me
In the end I will be me

over and over