Fortified Princess

Known to herself she initiated

Such separation of heart
Speaking the truth she never lied
Always herself, she put herself on the wall
Her feeling worn on the sleeve
That once cared greatly and deeply
All shattered by time and stubbornness
Now Cacooned in herself
She cowers under the pressure
Of words spoken that are meant to break
Broken into pieces, her soul lays limp
Lifeless and mortally wounded
Bleeding from the sword of love
Wielded from a knight
Which was suppose to save, not kill
Dead are those thoughts she once had
Buried under the walls that once were
Never will she let a knight behind those walls
Holding only at arms length
Nor shall the truth be known
What lies within those walls she hides


Mixture filled asphalt

Glistens in the moonlight
Lighting a path to no where
As Dew from twilights kiss
Sprinkles about the canvas
Excentuating natures beauty
While hues of dark and light
Dance along side the moon
Moving swiftly by
Soft sounds reverberate
Through the hollows
Echoing softly in our minds
Animals scurry about
Looking for their last morsel
Before slumbering down
Soon our sun will pulsate
Once again
For Dawn will be here soon