He is those many words

Jumbled on dangled cords

That dance in my head

Of emotions once bled

Oozing through my blackened pen

Rewritten over and over again

Finally, spilling out on paper

A long tale of a heart breaker

No fairy tale prose

Unending stories which never close

Except for my stolen heart

Left scared in parts

Eye of Storm

Thoughts blow by
Pushing past debris free
Spinning and churning
Making her head go around
Turbulent waves roll
Kicking old sediment free
Knocking her footing
Stumbling,falling to her knees
Drenching down pours,
Waters rise from all the cries
Leaving debris loose
Once the tides recede,
Pieces gather once more
Forming a stronger,
inviolable footing
For her to withstand,
The next storm