Life Is A Novel


We are a novel which is written by the minute. Our hurts, sorrows and pain liter the pages. Along with our triumphs, hopes and dreams. Some pages are worn an tethered due to looking back on the past. Longing to see what we were or thought we were back then. Or just simply what we can do better today than we did yesterday or last year.

Every ones novel is different in some ways, their timelines rise and fall at different times. But in the same aspect we are all the same, everyone has those trials and tribulations in our lives. What makes us different is how we deal with those problems. Do we learn from our mistakes?, Do we move forward or stay in the same place?

A new chapter begins now, the future is unwritten and can be anything you want it to be, possibly better than the past . So follow those dreams, take that first step in the right direction and make this day and new chapter a memorable one.


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