Open, shut them

squeezing tight

Constriction in this space

Unable to flow

Raising pressure

Forcing flow

Widening volume

Let it go

Plump and juicy

Hydrate those walls

Circulating pathways

Stop the lightening

In my head


Twas The Weeks Before Xmas

Twas the weeks before Xmas and all through the house the creatures were stirring even the mouse….

As holidays grow near
Beneath all the cheer
Tensions grow stronger
Shoppers cant wait no longer
Off to the stores they go
Many present to be bought
But what doesn’t seem to matter is thought
Each gift should be  special
Maybe  sentimental
Instead it’s hurry hurry hurry
No time to think of the meaning
The true Christmas feeling
Of birth, healing and joy
Only tons of gifts for good girls and boys
So please remember
During your parties in late December
Think of all the blessings
Don’t let it get depressing
Their is more to life this year