Wrapped in a loves embrace

Blindfolded by love

Hands tied by lust

Captive in lust and love

Moans of ecstasy escape

Overwhelming yearning takes over

Muscles tighten

Wanting ………………..

Need for sweet release


Finally release comes

Fast,fury and unyielding

Bedroom Talk

To feel you upon my pale warm skin

Like a warned summer sheet
Which clings to my every curve
In motion with our every passion
Rising and falling upon every thrust
Gathering with every orgasmic wave
Unfurling at every moan
Saturated by desires rain
Gliding back to my curves
Awaiting amore

First Meeting

I got a message on my cell phone that read, “I am in town, meet me at 5 pm at the Radisson Hotel Suite 3 025, don’t be late!” I arrived early and entered the third floor as I turned the dark corridor, I could feel a heavy stare upon me. I thought, “Is this him standing in the shadows”. I have never seen him in the flesh before. My mind started to race and my heart leapt in anticipation. I kept walking and so did the dark shadowed presence behind me.

A bit further down the hall I heard in a deep tone,” Stop where you are and close your eyes!” Shivers crept up my spine as I halted my steps and closed my eyes. The dark presence was directly behind me now . The sound of his breath was audible and the smell of him tickled my nose. I could feel a slight hand on the small of my back.

A deep whisper in my ear, “Hey Baby!” The feeling of skilled fingers and palms grazed my shoulders down my back and over my curvaceous ass. His light whimsical kisses to my neck set my body on fire. The wetness grew in my panties as delighted moans escaped me.Strong calloused palms caressed my inner thigh right below my black lace panties. Closer and closer his fingers inched towards pussy building anticipation inside me. “Spread your legs”,he commanded. After spreading my legs wider, his finger entered through the lace. Slowly he began to caress me in a rhythmic motion. “Ahhhh”,escapes my mouth as one finger gently is inserted inside me “I have waited so
long to feel this baby”, I heard in my ear. “Me too”, I said. “Shhhhh, no words from you needed, keep you eyes shut and enjoy this.” he whispered.Breathing more heavily I leaned back on him enjoying being fingered. a moment he took my hand and led me down the hallway. Still with my eye closed I could hear the click from the key card opening the door.He led me in the door and shut it. As he shut the door he pushed us against the cold metal door. The heat from his body was making my body go weak and even wetter.

My hands wanted to explore him and feel his hardness but they were now tied above my head. More moans escaped my body showing the desire building up inside me. His fingers moved about my body in a lazy fashion,feeling and enjoying every curve, sending vibrations and electricity shooting through me. “Please, make me yours Oh Please!! I said shakily. He had me wanting and needing it now. “One condition” he said. “You do not cum until I say so.” I shake my head hastily and say, “Okay Okay.”

His welcome fingers returned to my pussy caressing and tapping it. Moving quickly along it sending shocks to my system. He whispered again, ” Do you want me to fill you, Baby.” Holding back an explosion in my body I began shaking from the stimulation, I moan, Mmmmmm, Yes please Sir.”

As if he read my thoughts I heard his pants hit the floor and the rip off my lace panties. In a flash he was inside my pussy pounding me hard driving his luscious hard cock in me.Wrapping my legs around his waist I take
every ounce of him in. With every thrust I moaned and every pull he shook.Relentlessly giving me what I needed and desired, until my body shattered like glass around him. Open your eyes baby and see who satisfied you”, he said. Caressing his face I lean into him and say,” It’s about time Sir .”

Power Play

I sent you a text at noon saying,” I am using my power tonight so be ready.” All I received was a reply saying, “Okie”. A steak dinner was in the oven almost done and ready to eat. The candles were lit on the dining room table, the wine and beer chilling in the fridge. Some light classical music playing over the speakers and I am dressed in my lace dress with heels.
The door opens, then closes. I hear the shower turn on and then a few minutes later off. You appear in the living room door way hair wet, unbuttoned dress shirt and jeans. We stand at opposite ends of living room just starring at the sights before our eyes. “Why don’t you start a fire”, I say and you nod. “Dinner is done, after you start the fire, we can eat.”
We sit across from each other with dinner and a glass of wine in front of us. No words are said, only eyes are expressing what we feel. The sexuality in the air is heavy making our heart pound and senses tingle. My leg stretches under the table running my foot up your pants leg as you eat your potatoes. The look in your eyes say your enjoying it. Further and further my foot reaches till it gets over your zipper. I feel a large hard mound developing. Winking at you I take a piece of steak from my plate and play with it between my lips, just like I was playing with you. A loud sigh comes from across the table.
Are you done my dear? I say all sweet. Yes ma’am I am what’s for desert! said with a grin. As I reach over to get your dishes from in front of you , my lace covered breast brushes his arm. Your hand reachs up to touch them, No, I say harshly. No touching I am in power tonight remember. Go stoke the fire and sit on the couch I am going to finish up here.
Finishing up in the kitchen I retrieve a clean dish towel and return into the living room. Walking behind the couch where you sit, I gently place the dish towel over your eyes. No taking that off, I say. I slip out of my lace dress and heels, and move around to in front if you. Standing over you I run my fingers through your hair, down your check,lips and then to your chest. Kneeling in front of you, I unzip your fly and losen your jeans. Sliding my fingers into the jeans I feel your girth growing Gently running upward I follow your happy trail to your stomach and then down again. Reaching in the zipper again, i go deeper and rub a little harder. Your body tenses but still is putty in my hands . I sense your wanting but I am not ready for you to finish, I remind you, ” I am in charge tonight and not so fast.” Your body relaxes a bit just enough to feel the ice cube running down your chest towards the top of your jeans. A bit of cold ice water slides down through your hair just above your girth. And then again around to your ball sack. A deep moan escapes your needing lips. Leaning up I kiss your dry parched lips. The cold ice in my mouth dances around our tongues, exciting us.
I slide the towel off your eyes and pull you to your feet. Kneeling before you once again, I slide your jeans to your ankles and then off your legs. Touching every part of your legs with my fingers. Pulling myself up on my knees I take your girth in my mouth. Long strokes with my tongue go the length . Then taking you all in. Releasing my mouth, I say” Hmmm do i sense an urgency.,” No ma’am your in charge tonight”, you say. ” Well I am in a state of urgency so F@#k me now,” I demand. You leads me around to the far side of the couch. Bends me over the back of the couch and spreads my legs. Knowing what is coming I moan with anticipation, wanting release now. You enter me, pushing you hard girth inside me, thrusting and pushing with force. I tighten around him accepting everything he has for me until I explode around him, sending him into shattering pleasure. Collapsing from the pleasure we stand smiling from my power. My power to bring him to the brink of lust and take his lust.