Midnight sky

I am the light and you the moon

My light will shine through the darkness
Where I will stay amongst those clouds
Twirling and spinning around the moon
For he is my center




Last embers of you fall


Scatter all around my floor
Awaiting a swift wind
To carry your extinguished fire
Back to the one who’s heart is ablaze for you
Only a few embers will remain here
Scorching my heart with every though of you

Writer’s block




A cerebral cortex hindered creativity flow

Blocking the stream of words in a row

Spirals of disjointed fragments will not grow

Emotions with meaning trickle slow

Inner turmoil must be at a low

Once a raging river of feelings over flowed

Now a trickling river only shows

Imagination must be blocked,  I do not know

Maybe a  stick of dynamite could break and blow

Once the levy is broke, caution to the wind I throw

Running freely once again, words finally will have a glow

Peaceful creativity bestowed