Haiku 1/28

Seeing the world

Through sadness and joyful eyes

Being a grandmother




Last embers of you fall


Scatter all around my floor
Awaiting a swift wind
To carry your extinguished fire
Back to the one who’s heart is ablaze for you
Only a few embers will remain here
Scorching my heart with every though of you

Caring Few

Once in a life time

You will find

Those same caring hearts

Like yours and mine

Most of them worn, bruised

Frayed or torn

They have all cared to much

gave it their all

Been pushed a away , let down

ghosted a few

Unable to live a existence in lies

to be uncaring , hate

ignore and move on

They will continue to fight

for a right to care, to love

to be whom they truly are

all for the love they believe is true