Last embers of you fall


Scatter all around my floor
Awaiting a swift wind
To carry your extinguished fire
Back to the one who’s heart is ablaze for you
Only a few embers will remain here
Scorching my heart with every though of you




One sight of you, drops my stomach to the floor

Brings me back 30 years or more

This heart of mine

Belonged to you all that time

Instead, it was thrown away

Abandoned still to this day


No hard feelings remain

Only loads of distain

For I was worth it

Every dam bit


One day I hope the sight of me

Brings your heart to the floor

Just as mine did thirty years or more


Scream Asylum

A far off place

In distant past

Where thoughts were heard
With crickets chirps
Instead loud defining noise
Penetrates present
Rattling the cages
Where echos once perched
Sanity distance grows farther now
Asylum nears it’s presence
Screams from the inside growl
Instead defining roars howl
Through halls begging to sleep
Only now silence is a daydream
With no offerings to come true