Used Online

Standing on the corner of Arizona and Bell Street, Eve waits. Sun rays brighten her blonde highlighted hair, as the sun warms her bare sun kissed shoulders. It seems like a zillion cars pass her each moment, with none of them him. ” Did he stand her up once again?,” she thought.


Justin’s words flowed so easily in emails, texts, and over the phone. They met almost a year ago on a social network. There seemed to be an instant bond between Justin and Eve. They gave each other hope and made each other feel good about one another. Things progressed over the months. Then they professed their love for one another. So why when it came to meeting face to face he always made excuses. She understands he has been hurt before and is afraid, but after this long the trust should be there.
Eve waited another half and started walking back to her car. Anger and sadness filled her body. The beating of her heart roared in her ears over the sound of a busy hectic city. Now sitting in her car the tears started to flow. Pounding the steering wheel, she asked her self ” Why?”
Driving home all Eve could think about was reasons why he did not meet her. She thought, ” he is married, he is just playing games, or he just does not care.”

Once returning home she could no longer worry about Justin. Eve had a family and was married. She had been open and honest with Justin about her situation and told him of her plans of exiting the marriage. Later on the night she received a text saying, ” Sorry about today Baby, got tied up and was unable to come, Love you.” Eve could just shake her head and turn off her phone. She knew he would blow up her phone until she answered him.

The next day Eve text Justin and said only, ” We need to talk.” They agreed to talk after Eve was off work. During the call she bombarded him with 20 questions and demanding the truth. After a few moments pause Justin confessed. ” I am happily married to a beautiful women for 20 years and I am only on this site to get a little extra enjoyment of life and I don’t really love you”, he said. Eve’s mouth hung wide as he spoke and tears flowed down her cheeks. After a minutes pause, she said ” OMG, I was right! Why didn’t you tell me the truth? She yelled! All she got back was I dont know, it escaped my mind. That’s all she needed to here. Eve disconnected the phone, deleted and block his number as she sat and cried her eyes out. She vowed to herself she would never be used or allow this to ever happen again.

Feverish Opus

Floating along an open plain
Stems of earth trail alongside her
A warm breeze thrusts perfumed sweetness around her
Infusing her soul with joy
Warmed from the glowing orb above
She seeks refuge from the heat

Ahead tendrils of nature cascade into seclusion
Underneath a vast weeping willow she finds her sanctuary
Shaded from the oppressive swelter
She retreats into a fresh dim coolness
Surrounded by the hymes of nature
Falling into a romantic opus