Hiding behind the wall you sit
Cowering in the darkness of hurt
Scared and afraid of moving forward
Always taking one step forward and two back
Never fully opening that door
Instead slamming it shut
Drowning in your self centeredness
Unaware of the lifesaver in front of you
Pushing forward only to pull back
Never ending self tug a war
With no winner only a loser


As I look up at thee

I ask, how can this be?

My seemingly perfect world

Is all tossed and swirled

There seems to be no light at the end of this tunnel

Instead its dim and in rubble

Everything I had is destroyed

Leaving a whole and a huge void

Dimmer and dimmer it grows

One step forward and two steps back who knows

After the dust settles and time heals

The one question in this ordeal

how can this be?

Is answered, It’s me

I am the reason this happened

Why the love of my life has been saddened

Tis me the dream killer, me the dream murderer, me the bad dream maker

Am I capable of fixing this,strong enough to go further

To repair his heart, his trust and my mind

Possibly if those stars realign

Healing us from the inside out

That is what its all about